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E-card railway services launched in four cities

2021-12-09 (

The Hohhot branch of the China Railway Bureau on Dec 8 started rolling out its new e-card services for passengers traveling by train in the cities of Ulaanqab, Hohhot, Baotou and Ordos – located in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

According to the railway authority, after passengers register and open the "Railway e-card services" through China's official ticket booking app 12306, they do not have to purchase tickets in advance. 

They only need to scan the code and finish face recognition at a railway station's check-in gate and then they will receive their own seat information that is automatically allocated by the system. 

The move completes the introduction of the real-name verification and procedures system for commuters to enter stations and board trains. 

When passengers check out at a station, the system will automatically deduct the price of the fare.

Currently, Xinghe North, Ulaanqab, Zhuozi East, Hohhot East, Hohhot, Chasuqi, Salaqi, Baotou East, Baotou, Tuoketuodong, Juungar, Dongsheng East and Ordos stations are available for the newly launched services.