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Inner Mongolia upgrades transport to better serve residents

2022-01-17 (

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region reportedly achieved rapid development of its transportation sector in 2021, according to information released at a meeting held on Jan 14.

It revealed that last year the scale of construction of key roads in Inner Mongolia reached 5,832 kilometers.

A total of 7,518 km of roads in rural and pastoral areas started construction that year, with 4,704 km completed.

Meanwhile, 250 new villages got access to hardened roads and 54 villages constructed two-lane roads.

What's more, the region's 10 cities and leagues reportedly introduced mutual recognition of their traffic cards.

Additionally, Inner Mongolia established 14 emergency transport support teams, set up 10 special toll stations for emergency supplies and opened 296 fast-track channels for emergency transport last year.

Around 98.8 percent of newly added or upgraded buses in the region are understood to now use new energy or clean energy.