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Inner Mongolia's first internet hospital starts operating

2022-01-18 (

The first internet diagnosis and treatment service platform in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, designed to carry out 24-hour online consultations, was officially launched on Jan 15.

The platform is being operated by the Inner Mongolia Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. More than 300 doctors in the hospital will start online services consecutively.

The monthly schedule of the cloud clinic can be checked on the WeChat account of the Inner Mongolia Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Through the online platform, patients can arrange online face-to-face consultations with expert physicians. They can get such services as re-examinations and prescriptions for medicines, handling outpatient payments and recharges, booking nucleic acid test appointments, reporting inquiries, ordering drug deliveries to their homes and helping to manage chronic conditions.

The drug prices of the internet hospitals are reportedly consistent with those of hospital pharmacies and a variety of drugs have already been launched.

The platform can also establish a complete personal cloud case and cloud image file for patients, so that relevant information can be viewed at any time.

In addition, the platform has launched care services – including mailings of individual cases, daily hospitalization lists, car parking information, meal orders and deliveries, among others.

Moreover, videos on promoting traditional Chinese medicine health culture and knowledge and live classes conducted by leading doctors will be launched on the platform to meet the health needs of the community.