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Complete transport network takes shape in Inner Mongolia

2022-04-19 (


Inner Mongolia is seeing rapid development of its road network. [Photo/]

A comprehensive transportation network will have taken shape in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region by the end of 2025 – according to the new Inner Mongolia Comprehensive Transportation Development Plan During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period (2021-25).

Under the plan, by 2025, the total mileage of roads in Inner Mongolia will reach 215,000 kilometers, including 8,500 km of expressways.

The operating mileage of railways will reach about 16,000 km, of which high-speed railways will hit 1,010 km.

Meanwhile, the total number of civil airports in the region will exceed 70 and Inner Mongolia is projected to build three comprehensive passenger hubs and 11 cargo hubs.


A ceremony marking the opening of the new Hohhot-Xiliinhot-Hailaar air route takes place. [Photo/]

Additionally, Inner Mongolia will achieve full coverage of logistics industrial parks in the region's cities and leagues, distribution centers in banners and counties and distribution sites in towns and townships.

In so doing, Inner Mongolia is projected to accelerate the construction and upgrading of its roads, railway ports and improve its airports' services capacity and quality.