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Ewenki ethnic culture passes on to future generations

2022-04-22 (

Nasita, a 16-year-old girl living in Aoluguya Ewenki ethnic township – administered by Genhe city, in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – is one of the youngest reindeer raisers in the country.

She is from a special ethnic minority group called the Ewenki. Historically known as "the last hunting tribe," the Ewenki is also the only ethnic group in China that raises reindeer and preserves their reindeer culture.

Reindeer give birth from April to May every year. Although in her third year of high school and approaching the gaokao, the national college entrance exam, Nasita decided to go home on April 16 to be with her folks and family and to see her reindeer.

Her 82-year-old great-grandmother, Zhongnihao, continues to raise reindeer with her family in the Along Mountain region.

Feeding reindeer, cooking food with firewood and enjoying Ewenki folk songs accompanied by the harmonica, Nasita spent a cherished traditional weekend with the family.