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Hulunbuir aims for integrated cultural, tourism development

2022-05-27 (

Adhering to the concept that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets," the city of Hulunbuir in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region is developing all-for-one tourism, relying on its treasure trove of natural and cultural resources.

Hulunbuir is home to the Hulunbuir Grassland – one of the four largest grasslands in the world – as well as the captivating Greater Hinggan Mountains. To top it off, it offers inspiring ice and snow in the winter.

In short, picturesque Hulunbuir is full of fascinating charms all year round.

The wonderful Hinggan rhododendron is particularly colorful in late spring, the Ergune Wetland in midsummer is always shrouded in morning mist and the grand Hulunbuir Grassland turns into a literal sea of green in the summer, while the birch forest in late autumn is bathed in color.


Hulunbuir possesses great natural beauty and cultural resources, which is contributing to its tourism industry development. [Photo provided to]

夏日莫尔格勒河  呼伦贝尔宣传部供图.jpg

A river winds its way through the vast grasslands in Hulunbuir. [Photo provided to]


The forests in Hulunbuir turn gold in late autumn. [Photo provided to]

Its attractions are not only limited to the scenery, with its unique customs, profound history and rich culture also of immense appeal.

Lying on the border of China and Russia, Hulunbuir is nowadays making full play of its geographical location and multicultural advantages to develop its border tourism and provide visitors with a minority ethnic group cultural experience to remember.

Combining tourism with culture, sports and education, Hulunbuir is said to be launching a series of exciting and interesting activities, such as an ice naadam – a form of entertainment or games conducted by the Mongolian ethnic group.

Then there are performances staged by the Ulan Muqir art troupe, summer camps, low-altitude flights and high-end train experiences.

Due to the fruitful city's efforts in developing its tourism resources and improving its tourism facilities, Hulunbuir now has 54 scenic spots rated as A level, 42 countryside tourism reception households, four national-level countryside tourism villages and two tourism resorts at the autonomous region level.

To top it off, its Zhalantun resort was recognized as one of the first batch of national ski resorts in China.


A group of deer is pictured in Hulunbuir in harsh winter. [Photo provided to]