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Animal husbandry revitalizes grassland economy

2022-06-24 (


Herds of cattle and horses graze leisurely on the Ar Horqin Grassland. [Photo by Gen Zhu/provided to]

With the arrival of summer, the Ar Horqin Grassland -- in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- has entered a lush and vibrant period.

In a typical moment, a calf born there in the spring now puts on a growth spurt, as it bathes in the warmth of the summer -- frolicking in the expansive grassland and adding its life vitality to the resplendent scenery.


Having had their fill of grass for now, this pair of cows takes time out from the grazing. [Photo by Gen Zhu/provided to]


The arrival of summer is a good time for the animals on the Ar Horqin Grassland. [Photo by Gen Zhu/provided to]

Ar Horqin Banner is one of the 33 banners in Inner Mongolia that are focused on developing their agricultural and animal husbandry sectors.

In recent years, the banner has continued to increase the development of the beef cattle industry there, making it a pillar sector for local farmers and herdsmen to increase their income.


Calves bask contentedly in the sunshine. [Photo by Gen Zhu/provided to]


 Roaming freely, cattle feed on rich, verdant grass on the Ar Horqin Grassland. [Photo by Gen Zhu/provided to]