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Photography exhibition showcases Hinggan League's beauty

2022-06-29 (


Glorious blooming flowers festoon the Hinggan League in spring. [Photo by Yan Jun/provided to]

A photography exhibition focusing on the breathtaking savannah in the Hinggan League in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region officially kicked off on June 28.

The exhibition displays 100 or so works that explore the themes of the environment, intangible cultural heritage and folk activities in the Hinggan League.

The exhibition is said to vividly demonstrate the league's unique natural ecosystem and rich biodiversity. It also depicts the way it explores a high-quality development path oriented by ecological priorities and green development.


Horses and cattle silently graze on the rich grassland in the Hinggan League. [Photo by Feng Zhenhan/provided to]


Russet maple trees splash vibrant colors during the fall. [Photo by Chen Chen/provided to]

The exhibition is being co-hosted by the China Photographers Association, the Cultural Communication Center of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, the Inner Mongolia Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the publicity department of CPC Hinggan League committee.

It will last one month and then travel to such cities as Beijing and Tianjin.


Jockeys frantically battle it out during a horse race put on in the region. [Photo by Bao Tianying/provided to]