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China's 'Cold Pole' offers summer cool

2022-07-01 (


Morning fog rolls in over an area administered by Genhe city. [Photo provided to]

For people looking for some wonderful new places to visit, Genhe city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region is a great choice.

It's not only a must-see in winter, but also a paradise to avoid the heat in summer.

Genhe is located on the western slope of the north section of the Greater Hinggan Mountains. It is the site of China's lowest recorded temperature ever at -58 C and is known as the 'Cold Pole'.

Due to its special location and climate, Genhe has more than enough on offer for tourists to have a ball. Things to see include masses of ice and snow in winter, lush primeval forests, fresh air and plentiful rivers -- providing tourists with the opportunity to admire the picturesque scenery and engage in thrilling ice and snow activities.

Another great thing is that Genhe is also the home of the reindeer-breeding Ewenki tribe.

The tribe is a special ethnic minority group that is known as "the last hunting tribe". It's also the only ethnic group in China that raises reindeer and preserves that way of life.


An Ewenki woman feeds a reindeer. [Photo provided to]

Going there, tourists will get the chance to learn about the migration history of the reindeer people and experience authentic Ewenki culture.

Genhe has leveraged its natural and cultural resources to launch various innovative tourist products. These involve eco-tourism, leisure and vacations, folk experiences and exploring forests, among other things, earning it national recognition.

In 2017, Genhe was awarded the title of National Forest Tourism Demonstration City and National Pilot City of Self-Driving Destinations.

In 2019, Genhe won the title of National Ecological Civilization Demonstration City, while last year it was recognized as a China Natural Oxygen Bar.

In 2021, 954,000 tourists visited the city, a year-on-year increase of 26 percent. The tourism revenue generated from that came in at 1.15 billion yuan ($172.54 million), up 26 percent on the previous year.


Reindeer are bathed in sunlight in one of Genhe's lush forests. [Photo provided to]