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Seek grand grassland fun in Xi Ujimchin Banner

2022-07-26 (

[Video by Khuchingtugs and Nan Ding/provided to]

Amid the coming of summer peak, Xi Ujimchin Banner in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region entered its prime season in July, with its picturesque and undulating grassland and a variety of rich cultural activities currently being held there.

In particular, a series of activities around the Mongolian Nadam Fair kicked off on July 22, highlighted by a Mongolian wrestling bout, a thrilling 30.5-kilometer horse racing competition and a traditional archery contest.


Horse riders display their formidable skills on the Xi Ujimchin Grassland, in an event that is part of the Mongolian Nadam Fair. [Photo by Khuchingtugs and Nan Ding/provided to]


A young man gallops at full bolt on the Xi Ujimchin Grassland during the horse racing competition. [Photo by Khuchingtugs and Nan Ding/provided to]


Competitors gather for a warm-up before the traditional archery contest takes place. [Photo by Khastuya/provided to]


An archer takes careful aim at the competition. [Photo by Khastuya/provided to]


 An archer goes for the bull's eye during the archery event. [Photo by Khastuya/provided to]