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Early autumn colors festoon Hulunbuir grassland

2022-08-15 (


The Hulunbuir region is home to cattle that graze on its rich grass. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu for]

As folks venture out into the early autumn, the picturesque Hulunbuir – located in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – is festooned with a rich variety of deep green and light-yellow colors, creating a diverse and gorgeous autumn grassland and wetland landscape.

Sparking interest among bird watchers, a flock of rare birds recently flew to the Daur Autonomous Banner of Morin Dawa – already home to various kinds of bird species because of its excellent ecological system and environment.


A flock of rare birds takes wing over the wetland in the Daur Autonomous Banner of Morin Dawa. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu for]


Horses graze in Hulunbuir. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu for]


A river meanders through the verdant Hulunbuir grassland. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu for]


 Herds of cattle and horses graze leisurely on the Hulunbuir grassland. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu for]


Bright yellow flowers bloom on the expansive Hulunbuir grassland. [Photo by Jiang Xiwu for]