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The special report "Kangbashi District in 10 years" officially launched

2022-08-22 (chinadaily.com.cn)

An English-language special report, "Kangbashi District in 10 years", went online on the China Daily website on July 15.

This report is an important measure to expand the district's international communication and cooperation, showing its beautiful image and remarkable achievements in the last 10 years.

Situated in Ordos city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Kangbashi is the only 4A national tourist attraction that takes urban landscape as a carrier. It has gained the honorary titles of "National Civilized City", "Landscape Garden City", "National Forest City" and "National demonstration zone for ecological conservation".

Kangbashi energizes the cultural and tourism industries with the idea of an "online celebrity city", constructing 34 scenic spots. It is the demonstration zone of national holistic tourism, the first batch of national night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration areas and the tourism and leisure block of the autonomous region. Based on the city's key industries, Kangbashi has attracted 42 large companies such as China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy), China National Petroleum Corporation and China Petrochemical Corporation to put their corporate or regional headquarters in the district.

A green development case featuring Kangbashi was presented at the UN Climate Summit. Kangbashi also won the title of green development demonstration zone of China in 2021.

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Click here to learn more about the speical report: "Kangbashi District in 10 years"

The district has always placed education at a prominent strategic position. It has been approved as the "county for balanced national compulsory education" and awarded the national demonstration zone for the promotion and application of excellent teaching achievements. The district has also been built as the national health city.  It has been pushing forward the new model of smart governance and comprehensive services platform. It has built a citizen morality points system. It was selected as the national experimental base for intelligent society governance. Kangbashi is also known by the titles "demonstration zone for law-based government in autonomous region" and "the happiest city in China in 2020·happy and livable city".

In the first half of 2022, Kangbashi saw a stable economy with regional GDP at 6.658 billion yuan, a growth of 9.1 percent. It ranked second place in the city in terms of speed of growth.  Kangbashi embraces a series of major strategic opportunities for the country and autonomous region.  It has a huge potential for development. In the next five years, the district will step into a crucial stage for strengthening the leading industries and a period of opportunities for high-quality economic and social development.

The English special report is the work of China Daily website, with an international vision, visualization and timeliness, aiming at promoting the district's image, attracting investment, serving the public, showing major news and beautiful scenery as well as displaying Kangbashi's achievements of innovation and development in recent ten years. Additionally, the special also has a digital version for mobile phone users.