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Hulunbuir promotes northern ecological security

2022-09-09 (


Hulunbuir boasts lush forests and many tourist attractions. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

Hulunbuir, a city lying in the northeast of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is an important ecological protector.

Since the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20), Hulunbuir has achieved growth in its forest coverage and grassland vegetation coverage, while desertification and sandification areas have decreased.

Statistics shows that the city's forest coverage rate increased from 51.4 percent in 2012 to 52.35 percent in 2021.

From 2018 to 2021, the comprehensive vegetation coverage of Hulunbuir grassland increased from 73.1 percent to 76.6 percent, grass height increased from 30.82 cm to 36.69 cm, and the hay yield increased to 126.66 kg/mu from 115.97 kg/mu.

In recent years, the proportion of days with good or excellent air in Hulunbuir has ranked first in Inner Mongolia, all water environment quality assessment sections have met standards, and the detailed investigation of soil pollution and the task of heavy metal emissions reduction have been completed.

It is particularly notable that the water area of Hulun Lake has increased to 2,242 square kilometers, with a volume of 13.8 billion cubic meters, among the highest in history.

While protecting the environment, Hulunbuir is focusing on the development of modern agriculture and animal husbandry, characteristic tourism and the pan-port economy. 

In 2021, Hulunbuir's grain production increased by 0.81 billion kg, accounting for 46 percent of the grain increase in the region.

Meanwhile, Hulunbuir grassland sheep and grassland short-tailed sheep were respectively identified as "national advantageous characteristic industrial clusters" and "national new breeds of livestock and poultry".

Additionally, the city's new energy installed capacity exceeded 1.4 million kilowatts and the equipment manufacturing industry has gradually expanded.

Taking advantage of its rich forests, ethnic culture and ice and snow resources, Hulunbuir has developed itself into a must-visit winter destination and a good place to escape the summer heat.