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Xiliin Gol League safeguards safety of country's north

2022-09-13 (

Xiliin Gol League in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region is safeguarding the security of the country's northern areas -- in terms of its territory and its environment and eco-system.

The league covers a wide area which has a rich variety of topography. It boasts the Xiliin Gol Grassland, which accounts for a quarter of the grasslands under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia and it has the most complete grassland types and vegetation categories in China.

Furthermore, the Hunshandake and Ujimchin sandy lands traverse the entire league from its east to west.

In recent years, Xiliin Gol League has been adhering to the national environmental concept that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets." A total of 64.18 percent of its area was included in ecological protection red lines, where the ecological system and environment are controlled by zoning.

Due to these efforts, the league has achieved increases in its grassland vegetation coverage and forest coverage rate, as well as decreases in the area of desertified land and the levels of desertification.

Currently, the average height of the grass on the grasslands in the league is 8.8 cm, an increase of 1.4 cm year-on-year.

Meanwhile, the league has added five pilot national grassland parks, four national wetland parks and two national desert parks over a 10-year period.

Replying on its natural and cultural resources, traveling to Xillin Gol is enjoying rising popularity, which is generating extra income for locals.

Additionally, Xiliin Gol -- located to the north of China’s capital Beijing -- shares a border line of 1,103 kilometers with neighbor Mongolia and has two land ports on the border. As such, the league is directly related to the security and stability of the national capital.

Since its establishment, it has made great efforts to protect the border, which is remote and hard to reach, using various methods and channels.