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​Inner Mongolia to lead in building a supply system dominated by new energy

2022-10-20 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Huang Zhiqiang, executive vice-chairman of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, said at a group interview on Tuesday on the sidelines of the ongoing 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that delegates from the region all agreed that the nation has realized inspiring achievements over the past decade and will be dedicated to contributing to the region's efforts to promoting the country's modernization.

Huang said that the autonomous region has 57 percent of the country's wind energy resources and more than 21 percent of the country's solar energy resources.

He said the installed capacity of the region's new energy will reach more than 135 million kilowatts by 2025, exceeding that of thermal power. He added that by 2030, the amount of power generated by new energy will exceed that of thermal power and that the region will lead in building a supply system dominated by new energy in the country.

"New energy is good, but it also has shortcomings," he explained. "It is intermittent and volatile. At present, thermal power is still needed."

The region's large number of coal resources and thermal power generating units provide a foundation for the combination of new energy to the grid, he added.