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Inner Mongolia's modern transportation network takes shape

2022-10-21 (

A modern comprehensive transportation network has gradually taken shape in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, with the traffic capacity and overall efficiency of the road network continuing to improve, according to Gao Shiqin, director of the region's department of transportation.

Inner Mongolia spans about 2,400 kilometers from east to west, with vast stretches of land and a sparse population. The roads play an essential role in connecting the cities and leagues in the region.

By the end of 2021, the total length of highways in the region reached 213,000 km, including 8,984 km of first-class highways, ranking fourth in the country and first in western China.

Roads pass through grasslands, deserts, forests, and up and down the Yellow River. Traveling to the northern border of the country is now much quicker. 

Due to the convenience, the seafood salvaged at 7 am in Jinzhou in Northeast China's Liaoning province will appear in the wholesale market in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia as soon as 10:30 am.

Also, a single journey from the national capital Beijing to Xianghuang Banner in Xiliin Gol League by car has been shortened to five hours from two days in 2012.