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Inner Mongolia to advance development of new energy industrial chain

2022-10-25 (

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region will make every effort to promote the development of the whole new energy industrial chain, according to a person in charge at the region's energy bureau.

At the beginning of this year, Inner Mongolia issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Planning and Layout of New Energy Equipment Manufacturing Bases," which clarified the layout of equipment manufacturing bases for the entire industrial chain of wind and solar power, hydrogen storage in the region, and the key point for investment promotion.

The region has already introduced more than 20 enterprises and formed a wind power integration system with a supporting capacity of 4.2 million kilowatts and a photovoltaic module supply capacity of 5 million kW.

To date, the region has 267 new energy equipment manufacturing projects in total, with strong investment in new energy equipment manufacturing.

The relevant person in charge of the region's energy bureau said that Inner Mongolia will focus on the construction of important national energy bases, speed up the pace of energy structure adjustment, and make every effort to promote the large-scale development and use of new energy.

Plans are for it to make up for the breakpoint of the industrial chain this year, and strengthen the shortcomings in the industrial chain by 2023, so as to form a market supply capacity supporting the entire industrial chain.

What's more, it will step up the use of the new energy equipment manufacturing industry fund in the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in various forms such as stocks and bonds.