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Temperature drop creates rime fantasy in Genhe

2022-11-03 (

A sudden temperature drop in Genhe city, in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, recently caused moisture to condense and freeze into white rime ice, creating breathtaking scenes along the river.


Along the banks of the river in Genhe city, the rime on the trees right now is utterly enchanting. [Photo provided to]


Go now to the banks of the river in Genhe city, to see the magnificent rime on the trees there. [Photo provided to]


As the water of the river in Genhe city gently passes by, the rime on the trees produces a magnificent visual effect. [Photo provided to]


The majesty of nature: Rime on the trees along the river in Genhe produces a magnificent image. [Photo provided to]


A solitary duck paddles by in the river in Genhe city, resplendent with rime on the trees. [Photo provided to]