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Inner Mongolia enterprise contributes to Dubai's new energy station

2022-12-07 (

The No 1 unit of the 700MW solar thermal station and the 250MW photovoltaic solar power station projects in Dubai successfully realized the grid-connected power generation on Nov 29 at local time.

The technical parameters of the unit were excellent, and the main and auxiliary equipment was running stably, providing Dubai with the first green power generated by solar and solar thermal sources.

The Electric Power Design Institute of the Inner Mongolia Energy Power Generation Investment Group Co, a resident enterprise of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has participated in the design, construction and technological support of the power projects.

The power station projects are the fourth phase of the solar thermal and photovoltaic composite power plant project which was developed by the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority at Maktoum Solar Park.

The capacity of the solar thermal part of the project is 700MW, which is composed of a 100MW tower unit and three 200MW trough solar thermal units. It is currently the solar thermal project with the largest installed capacity, the largest investment scale, and the largest molten salt storage in the world.

The installed capacity of the photovoltaic section of the project is 250MW, covering an area of 44 square kilometers.

It is understood that the project units adopt the world's most advanced trough-type photothermal power generation technology. This solves the disadvantages of conventional photovoltaic power stations that cannot generate electricity at night.

When the unit is running, the stored energy of the slot unit can meet the continuous power generation for up to 13.5 hours at night or in bad weather conditions; the stored energy of the tower unit can meet the continuous power generation for up to 15 hours at night or under bad weather conditions.

According to the head of the Inner Mongolia Energy Power Generation Investment Group Co, its electric power design institute had been deeply involved in the construction of the projects from four aspects: design, consulting, technical research, and technical services.