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Inner Mongolia offers rich winter fun

2022-12-09 (


The sun sets slowly but gloriously over a field in Inner Mongolia, illuminating the western sky. [Photo/The China Cultural Center]

If you talk about traveling in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the images that first spring to mind of course are the glorious and expansive grasslands.

But in addition to those awe-inspiring grasslands – such as the Hulunbuir Grassland and the Xiliin Gol Grassland – it also has lush forests, grand deserts, abundant spring water and a unique ethnic culture.


A shroud of fog drifts over a river in Inner Mongolia amid plunging temperatures. [Photo/The China Cultural Center]


Picturesque log cabins in Inner Mongolia are covered with thick snow. [Photo/The China Cultural Center]

With the coming of winter, the whole region has turned into a "frozen" ice and snow wonderworld – making it a must-see destination.

Some real great activities, such as sightseeing, skiing, snow camel races and the winter naadam – a form of entertainment or games conducted by the Mongolian ethnic group – will be staged to keep visitors buzzing with excitement.

In particular, you can visit Genhe city – both China's cold pole and the home of the country's last hunting tribe.


Locals go at it hard during a recent traditional camel race in Inner Mongolia. [Photo/The China Cultural Center]


Rays of sunshine softly touch snow-covered Wulan Butong grassland in Inner Mongolia at sunset. [Photo/The China Cultural Center]