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Inner Mongolia releases list of must-visit places in winter

2022-12-15 (


Picturesque log cabins in Inner Mongolia's Arxan Snow Village are covered with thick snow. [Photo by Yang Xiaoye/Ordos news network]

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently announced a list of must-visit places in winter.

A total of 20 places across the region were included in the list. Among them are China's cold pole, the Mazong Mountain Ski Resort, Arxan Snow Village and Wuhai Lake Ice and Snow World.

The selection was sponsored by the region's department of culture and tourism and organized by the Inner Mongolia Tourism Association. Their aim is to promote local tourism and consumer products by using the region's cultural and tourism resources.


A group of camels walks in the Resonant Sand Bay in Ordos city. [Photo/Ordos news network]

Lying in the country's northern border, Inner Mongolia possesses glorious and expansive grasslands, lush forests, grand deserts, abundant spring water and a unique ethnic culture.

With the coming of winter, the whole region has turned into a "frozen" ice and snow wonderland.

Some great activities, such as sightseeing, skiing, snow camel races and the winter naadam – a form of entertainment or games conducted by the Mongolian ethnic group – will be staged to keep visitors buzzing with excitement.


Mazong Mountain Ski Resort is popular among tourists in winter. [Photo/Ordos news network]