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China, Mongolia launch online New Year's exchange activities

2023-01-19 (chinadaily.com.cn)

The 2023 China-Mongolia New Year cultural exchange activities were officially launched online on Jan 19, to promote mutual understanding between the people of China and Mongolia and to enhance their traditional friendship.

The activities will last 40 days until the end of February.

This year they will feature 15 activities involving special Spring Festival-themed programs, cultural performances, TV dramas and short video screenings.

The cultural performances will mainly consist of songs, dances and folk arts. Traditional Chinese musical instruments - such as the flute, zither and suona - will be played to create a vibrant festival atmosphere for the people of both nations.

Moreover, the Ulaanbaatar Broadcasting Station will rebroadcast the Chinese TV series Shanhaiqing, which is a hit with Mongolian audiences.

The Mongolian Public Broadcasting Station and TV5 will broadcast the documentary Hello! China and the cultural and tourism feature film Meeting Hebei.


The 2023 China-Mongolia New Year cultural exchange activities are officially launched online on Jan 19. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

They will aim to provide Mongolian people with a window into understanding Chinese traditional customs, natural scenery, cultural customs and people's daily lives.

The Spring Festival gala, TV dramas and films will be screened on Mongolia's major television channels and other activities will be held online.

The schedule of short video screenings will introduce such intangible cultural techniques as paper-cutting, lantern-making, dough figurines and special delicacies. The aim is to convey the best wishes for happiness, reunions, harvest and hope to the people of China and Mongolia and send out Chinese New Year blessings.

It is understood that the online activities will be promoted on Mongolia's nightly news networks and their Facebook pages.

Also, special columns will also be published on the Solongo News Network, China's first Mongolian news website, ccchinaweb-ub.org, the official website of Ulaanbaatar Chinese Cultural Center, as well as on CRI Online and the Xinhua News Network, the key central news websites in China.

The activities are being guided by the Chinese embassy in Mongolia and the news office and foreign affairs office of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional People's Government.