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New energy development makes good start in Inner Mongolia in January

2023-02-02 (

In January, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region reached a grid-connected new energy capacity of 2.15 million kilowatts, far exceeding previous statistics over the same period, according to information from the region's energy bureau.

This is a good start for the high-quality development of new energy in the region.

In the first month of 2023, Inner Mongolia completed construction on China's first new energy project that is capable of independent operation. This project realized the grid-connected power supply in Ejine Banner of the Alshaa League.

Meanwhile, three new energy projects in Wuhai city realized grid-connected power generation; and the 500 MW wind power project, a supporting grid connection project, in Xinghe county in Ulaanqab city also successfully started anti-power transmission. 

Ordos and JA Solar Co signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to invest about 40 billion yuan ($5.97 billion) to construct a low-carbon industrial park for the entire photovoltaic industry chain.

In 2023, plans are for Inner Mongolia to have a new energy installed capacity of more than 25 million kW, and for it to build and expand its new energy application scale to more than 10 million kW.

It is estimated that the region's grid-connected new energy capacity will exceed 90 million kW by the end of the year.