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Thrilling Mongolian camel racing staged at Alshaa nadam



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Camels jockey for position before a race at a nadam in Alshaa League, Inner Mongolia, on Jan 29. [Photo/WeChat account of Liangli Ayouqi]

More than 200 camels presented a race of speed and strength during a nadam fair opening on Jan 29 in Alshaa League, in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to local media reports.

The event – staged at Gurvantulga village, administered by Altan-Ovoo town – attracted participants from Subei Mongolian autonomous county in China's north-central Gansu province and from Baotou, Ordos, Bayannuur and Alshaa League in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

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A Mongolian camel race kicks off in Alshaa League. [Photo/WeChat account of Liangli Ayouqi]

Mongolian camel racing is a traditional Mongolian spectacle and an indispensable sport in nadams. In 2008, it was selected on the second list of national intangible cultural heritage items.