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Inner Mongolia receives funds for agriculture, industry integration development

2023-05-25 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

The central government has allocated 750 million yuan ($107.91 million) to support agriculture and industry integration development in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Inner Mongolia tops the country regarding the supported project numbers and the subsidies received.

That's according to information from the region's financial department.

Of these, two agricultural cluster projects were awarded 400 million yuan in central finance, focusing on supporting the development of the potato and dairy industries.

Three modern agricultural, industrial park projects received 270 million yuan as subsidies to support the development of the region's dairy and livestock industries. They include grass, soybeans, and beef cattle.

Additionally, another eight towns with significant agricultural and industrial development performance were granted 80 million yuan in central finance for developing soybean, beef, mutton, and buckwheat projects.

It is reported that in 2023, the central government will support the establishment of 50 national modern agricultural industry parks, 40 advantageous and characteristic industry clusters, and 200 towns to promote the optimization of rural industrial layout, roll out a more rational structure and complete chain, as well as offer an additional number of diversified formats.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia has taken the construction of industrial integration projects as an essential means to implement the rural vitalization strategy and promote the prosperity of industries.

Adjusting the industrial structure according to local conditions promotes the vitalization of rural areas and broadens the channels for the residents to increase their income.