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Yinshan rock art research enters new phase

2023-05-30 (

The National Social Science Fund of China granted approval on May 27 for the research project titled "Study on rock art data collation in Urad Middle Banner."

This landmark development addresses the absence of a national-level project dedicated specifically to Yinshan rock art research, signifying a significant advancement in this field of study.

 The National Social Science Fund of China represents the highest-level and most authoritative research project in the field of philosophy and social sciences within the country. The outcomes of this project will reflect the level of national social science research and serve as a testament to the construction and innovation of China's disciplinary system, academic system, and discourse system. It is an esteemed platform for scholarly exploration and advancement.

Yinshan rock paintings bear witness to the economic, cultural, and social transformations that occurred in ancient northern China. They serve as tangible artifacts that showcase the integration and continuous evolution of ancient Chinese cultures.

In 2006, these remarkable paintings were announced as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics under the protection of the State Council. Furthermore, they were included in "China's World Cultural Heritage Preparatory List" in 2012.

In recent years, the Inner Mongolia Rock Painting Research Institute has carried out a number of ongoing research projects focusing on the fundamental and strategic aspects of Yinshan rock paintings in Bayannuur, with the aim of applying for world cultural heritage status.

The institute will further study the characteristics, artistic charm, and historical and cultural value of Yinshan rock paintings, which are significant for the Chinese civilization discovery project.