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Mengniu gives full support to World Dairy Industry Conference

2023-08-02 (


Li Pengcheng, executive chairman of Mengniu Group, at a press conference at the World Dairy Industry Conference on July 31. [Photo/]

China's dairy giant Mengniu will express full support for the World Dairy Industry Conference, which is scheduled to be held in Hohhot, the capital city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Aug 4-7, aiming to showcase the new face of China's dairy industry.

That's according to Li Pengcheng, executive chairman of Mengniu Group, at a press conference on the event on July 31.

The World Dairy Conference, consisting of five main activities, including an opening ceremony, development forums, industry exhibitions, and investment promotions, will gather renowned domestic and international experts, scholars, and industry leaders, to display the dairy development achievements and share the related development experience.

Mengniu will take the lead in hosting the "International Seed Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum" and the "International Cooperation Forum on Sustainable Development," with the participation of Piercristiano Brazzale, chairman of the International Dairy Federation (IDF), Miles Hurrell, chairman of the Global Dairy Platform (GDP), and CEOs and executives from top global dairy companies such as Lactalis, Nestle, and Mengniu.

"Through this conference, Mengniu aims to comprehensively showcase China's world-class digitized and innovative dairy industry, as well as its achievements in brand and ESG," said Li.

In recent years, Mengniu has concentrated on key areas such as seed, grassland, and biotechnology to overcome challenges, actively exploring new fields such as specialized medical food, sports nutrition, and synthetic biology, contributing its wisdom to industry innovation.

For example, Mengniu has been promoting ESG concepts to reduce carbon emissions along the entire industry chain.

In the Ulanbuh and Kubuqi deserts, Mengniu has pioneered a wholly organic and sustainable production chain using desert grass, setting an example for desertification control.

In the internationally recognized MSCI ESG ratings, Mengniu obtained an industry-leading grade of "A."