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Inner Mongolia sees dairy industry scale new heights

2023-08-07 (

In the first half of this year, Inner Mongolia once again showcased the remarkable achievements it has made in developing its dairy industry.

The region ranks as the largest dairy production area in China, consistently leading the nation in indicators such as livestock population, milk production, and dairy product value. Its milk production accounts for one-sixth of the country's total.

In the first six months, it had a livestock population of 1.70 million cows, seeing a 13.4 percent year-on-year growth. Milk production during the same period reached 2.75 million metric tons, reflecting an 11 percent increase; while its dairy product output hit 2.28 million tons, up 14.7 percent.

Inner Mongolia is home to 83 enterprises that each sell over 5 million tons of dairy products annually.

By the end of this year, there are plans to establish eight more leading enterprises at a regional level or higher, bringing the total to 38 and increasing the overall processing capacity to 11.4 million tons.

Furthermore, there are 41 enterprises in the region that have obtained SC certification, and 1,584 handicraft workshops registered as small-scale dairy producers, with a total processing capacity of 160,000 tons.