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2023 China (Arxan) Tourism Conference opens

2023-09-04 (


The opening ceremony for the 2023 China (Arxan) Tourism Conference is held on Sept 2. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

The 2023 China (Arxan) Tourism Conference officially kicked off in Arxan city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Sept 2.

Based on the theme "Integration of Culture and Tourism for Green Development," this conference showcased new forms and scenes of culture and tourism through nine main activities.

During the opening ceremony, anational-level ski tourism resorts and key rural tourism villages were awarded certification. The "Designing for Rural Areas" initiative was launched, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tourism Promotion was conducted.

Additionally, 12 leading cultural and tourism enterprises jointly announced the "Joining Hands to Boost Arxan Tourism" initiative.

Throughout the conference, various activities will be held, including a nadam fair, an exhibition on intangible cultural heritage combined with tourism, and a forum on promoting rural vitalization and achieving common prosperity.

Arxan is a magnificent city lying at the southwest foothills of the Greater Hinggan Mountains. It's an ideal travel destination all year round. The city features lucid water, grand wetlands, lush forests and a unique ethnic culture.