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Xiliin Gol launches regional cheese brand

2023-09-25 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

Xiliin Gol League in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region launched its regional cheese brand in the region's capital city Hohhot on Sept 25.

On the same day, the official flagship store of the new cheese brand was inaugurated, along with 17 authorized operational stores in nine banners of Xilingol League and eight authorized exhibition stores in the city.

Situated on the premium 45-degree latitude golden milk belt, Xiliin Gol boasts around 180,000 square kilometers of natural grassland. The environment and traditional farming techniques provide exceptional conditions for high-quality dairy farming.

The cheese from Xiliin Gol, made with a time-honored technique dating back hundreds of years, retains the rich nutrients of the source milk, including proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements such as calcium and phosphorus.

Xiliin Gol cheese has received the national agricultural product geographical indication registration.

The brand has also won the "Influential Regional Dairy Product Brand of the Year" from the China Dairy Industry Association.

Given its increasing recognition and influence in the market, it is helping to shape the development of China's cheese brands. Currently, six production enterprises and 11 workshops have been authorized to use the Xiliin Gol cheese brand.

Xiliin Gol has invested 150 million yuan ($21.39 million) in this area in recent years, such as dairy base construction, standardization, product research and development upgrades, and the establishment of an improved regulatory system, to promote the rapid and healthy development of local dairy product industries.

As of now, the total number of dairy cows in the league has reached 260,000; annual milk production exceeds 520,000 metric tons; and another 702 local specialty dairy product workshops have officially been registered, covering 5,000-plus farming households.

Xiliin Gol produces 54,000 tons of cheese and related products annually, driving the employment of nearly 30,000 farmers and relevant industry practitioners, with an annual production value reaching 1.7 billion yuan.