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Inner Mongolia's patent promotion and protection regulations to take effect on Dec 1

2023-10-25 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

The "Patent Promotion and Protection Regulations of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region" will be implemented from Dec 1, according to a press conference held by the information office of the regional government.

Comprising six chapters and 52 articles, the regulations encompass multiple provisions relating to patent promotion. They include integrating patent innovation, application, and protection into the intellectual property (IP) assessment and evaluation system.

The regulations stipulate that entities granted patent rights should reward and compensate inventors, designers, and those who make substantial contributions to the new patents.

The regulations also encourage financial institutions to undertake pledge financing for patent rights. They also support insurance agencies to conduct patent insurance businesses.

In terms of patent protection, the regulations clarify that no unit or individual may infringe on another's patent rights, counterfeit patents, or aid in the facilitation of patent infringement or patent counterfeiting activities.

The regulations further specify the legal rights of patent holders or those with an interest in such rights, including the options to engage in self-negotiation, apply for mediation, administrative adjudication, arbitration, or file a lawsuit when their patent rights are infringed.

Consequently, this legislation establishes a mechanism for patent rights protection.

There was also a call for strengthening the management system of fundamental data resources tied to patents and the construction of patent databases. Simultaneously, efforts should be made to promote the sharing of patent-related data with relevant departments.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia has witnessed significant growth in promoting and protecting patents. However, the current circumstances reveal inadequate efforts in patent promotion and an imperfect patent protection mechanism.

The enactment of the regulations is expected to greatly spur the creation, utilization, protection, management, and service of patents throughout the region.

Furthermore, it will play a positive role in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of patent holders.