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Inner Mongolia launches 25 boutique winter tourism routes

2023-11-13 (


A view of a thawing river in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region in extremely cold conditions. [Photo/Inner Mongolia News Network]

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region unveiled 25 exquisite winter tourism routes in the lead-up to the 14th National Winter Games, at a press conference on Nov 9.

The routes combine local cultural experiences with snow sports, attracting tourists to enjoy the charm of Inner Mongolia's winter.

The 25 routes include a three-day tour exploring the icy landscapes of Hulunbuir; a four-day trip showcasing the unique Russian and Mongolian culture along the border areas in Hulunbuir; and a five-day cross-border cultural tour between China and Mongolia.


A snow-covered village in Inner Mongolia is illuminated by red lanterns in the evening. [Photo/Inner Mongolia News Network]


Wild animals are pictured in a snow field in Inner Mongolia. [Photo/Inner Mongolia News Network]

There is also a seven-day self-driving adventure crossing the snowy peaks of the Hinggan Mountain Range; a three-day off-road journey through the desert of Chifeng; a three-day winter excursion along the scenic 500-kilometer Horqin ice and snow route in Tongliao; and a five-day self-driving golden tour in the Alshaa deserts.

These meticulously curated winter tourism routes encourage visitors to discover the diverse winter attractions of Inner Mongolia, from snow sports to cultural experiences and excursions through picturesque landscapes.


An aerial view of a forest covered by heavy snow in Inner Mongolia. [Photo/Inner Mongolia News Network]