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Ulaanqab promotes ice and snow tourism in Yangtze River Delta Region

2023-11-14 (


A view of the Liangcheng Ski Resort, which has been designated as one of the competition venues for the 14th National Winter Games. [Photo provided to]

A press conference for the 2023 Ulaanqab Ice and Snow Sports Season was held in Shanghai on Nov 12, promoting winter activities in Ulanqab to tourists from the Yangtze River Delta Region.

During the conference, China's first skiing world champion, Guo Dandan, served as the spokesperson for Ulaanqab's ice and snow sports, inviting everyone to experience the vitality and passion of ice and snow-related activities in the area.

Meanwhile, the city's culture, tourism, and sports bureau provided a detailed introduction to the overall winter tourism situation and highlighted four ice and snow-themed routes.

During the signing ceremony for the promotion of Ulaanqab's ice and snow tourism, the Riguang Xueyuan Dahewan International Ski Resort reached strategic cooperation agreements with top brands such as online travel service provider Ctrip,, and iDriver Media.

They plan to join forces to promote the high-quality development of Ulaanqab's ice and snow industry.


A tourist grabs some air on a snowboard at the Liangcheng Ski Resort. [Photo provided to]

In recent years, Ulaanqab has been promoting the development of ice and snow culture and tourism, making its ice and snow economy the top priority of the city's tourism industry.

By enriching its product and service offerings, the city is committed to creating a new pattern of high-quality development for ice and snow tourism.

The Liangcheng Ski Resort in its jurisdiction has been designated as one of the competition venues for the 14th National Winter Games, scheduled to be held in February.

The ski resort has successfully staged numerous national and regional competitions, making it an ideal location for ice and snow sports.

At present, Ulaanqab is taking advantage of the momentum of the 14th National Winter Games to expand the content of ice and snow tourism in a multi-dimensional manner.

The city invites tourists from home and abroad to watch the games in person, immerse themselves in the unique local culture, and experience the unparalleled charm of glaciers and snowfields, forests and volcanoes.


A view of the snow-covered landscapes in Ulaanqab city. [Photo provided to]