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Global frozen potato product manufacturer opens second factory in Ulaanqab

2023-11-15 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)


A grand opening ceremony for Lamb Weston's second factory in Ulaanqab city is held on Nov 6. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]

The global frozen potato product manufacturer Lamb Weston on Nov 6 opened its second factory in Ulaanqab city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, known as "China's Potato Capital."

With a total investment of approximately $250 million, the new factory is expected to produce 108,000 metric tons of frozen French fries a year.

The factory is reportedly fully equipped and adjacent to a third-party cold storage facility, enabling smooth connections throughout the entire production process, from potato cultivation to cold storage.

This comprehensive approach enhances the stability of the supply chain.

Moreover, the factory is designed with energy efficiency in mind, implementing biogas utilization programs, wastewater management systems, and online monitoring systems.

These environmentally friendly and sustainable practices contribute to the green future of the local community and industry.

Zhang Chen, the global vice president and general manager for China at Lamb Weston, said the completion of the new factory will continuously improve the company's ability to produce high-quality products and provide top-tier services.


An aerial view of Lamb Weston's newly opened factory in Ulaanqab. [Photo provided to goinnermongolia.com.cn]

The factory will accelerate the development of research, manufacturing, sales, and management operations in the Chinese market, promoting advancements in local potato cultivation, processing technology, and sustainable development.

Located between 41 and 43 degrees north latitude in the inland depths, Ulaanqab has a cold and arid climate with little rainfall, abundant sunshine, significant day-night temperature differences, and sandy soil.

These favorable conditions contribute to the production of high-quality potatoes in the region.

The potatoes grown in Ulaanqab boast smooth skin, attractive appearance, ideal shape, high dry matter content, and are free of pollution.

In particular, they are superior in processing attributes compared to similar domestic products, with high protein content, high acidity, strong anti-sedimentation properties, and favorable levels of whiteness, viscosity, and transparency.

Owing to these outstanding qualities, Ulaanqab has earned the title of "China's Potato Capital."