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China-Mongolia largest freight road port sets new cargo record

2024-01-02 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

In 2023, Ganqimaodu Port, the largest inland port between China and Mongolia, achieved a remarkable milestone by handling a total cargo volume of 37.86 million metric tons, marking a significant 98.54 percent year-on-year increase and reaching an all-time high. It continues to lead among all ports connecting China and Mongolia.

Situated within the territory of Urad Middle Banner in Bayannuur city, Ganqimaodu Port shares its northern border with South Gobi Province in Mongolia.

It serves as a first-class land port and serves as a vital gateway for energy imports into China. Moreover, it stands as the largest highway port in Inner Mongolia in terms of clearance volume and trade value.

According to Qin Ruiqiang, deputy director of the Ganqimaodu Port Management Committee, the port has made significant progress in facilitating intelligent customs clearance, implementing dedicated lanes for cross-border unmanned vehicle clearance projects, and constructing specialized customs supervision areas. These efforts have resulted in a noticeable enhancement in customs efficiency.