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Yak butter


Yak butter is the essence of fresh milk, containing all the important nutrients necessary for biological organisms, and is the most precious. It is an expensive food for entertaining distinguished guests or enjoying major festivals.

In the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), yak butter was listed as one of the "Northern Eight Treasures" for imperial food, and was regarded as a treasure of delicious food. It is not only a gourmet specialty but also has medicinal properties.   

Yak butter has the functions of moistening lung, relieving cough and nourishing the body. In Buddhism, wisdom is often instilled with the metaphor of "sobering", which makes people fully understand and reach the highest Buddhist realm. Therefore, yak butter is the best offering for worshipping Buddha. In the daily life of Mongolian residents, yak butter is an indispensable item.

Yak butter's making method is exquisite. First, the fresh milk is filtered several times through gauze, and then fermented to become yogurt. Then cook two pots of fresh milk, then pour the two pots of cooked milk and one pot of yogurt into the milk tube at the same time, and seal them. After that, stir up and down in the tube with a wooden stick. If the milk in the tube is too cold, heat it in the sun or by the stove, and then stir it until the cream originally melted in the milk floats on it. At this time, uncover the cylinder cover, hold the oil out with both hands and put it into the basin, and then pour it into cold water to rinse. Because the cream hardens in cold water, pinch the cream hard when drifting. After several rinses, the milk is completely separated from the cream, and the yak butter is made.

Generally, only five or six catties (1 and 1.5 pounds) of yak butter can be extracted from 100 catties of fresh milk. To maintain excellent storage, the owner often puts yak butter into utensils or washed sheep belly and seals it. If you need to store it for a long time, it is most suitable to place yak butter at minus 15 degrees.