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Xiliin Gol improves power trading system to ensure clean energy supply

2024-01-15 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

In recent years, Xiliin Gol League in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has been improving its power trading system, successfully ensuring national power security, increasing the supply of green energy, and ensuring stable and sustainable profits for wind and fire power enterprises.

Xiliin Gol is one of the 14 nationally-planned large-scale coal bases with a capacity of 1 million metric tons, nine large-scale coal-fired power bases with a capacity of 10 million kilowatts, and nine large-scale modern wind power bases.

The achievements are the result of Xiliin Gol's efforts to promote the construction of national important energy and strategic resource bases. It has successfully completed two ultra-high-voltage transmission channels from Xiliin Gol to East China's Shandong and Jiangsu provinces.

The first ultra-high-voltage channel in Inner Mongolia, from Shengli to Zhangbei, has started construction and is part of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25).

The installed capacity of thermal power and new energy grid connection in the league have both exceeded 14 million kW, with an annual electricity supply of 75 billion kWh to North China and East China.

On Nov 17, 2023, the league committee and administration organized seven coal-fired power companies and 33 new energy companies to complete the first transaction of 1.77 billion kWh at the Beijing Power Exchange, with a total transaction value of approximately 108 million yuan ($14.79 million).

According to Xu Min, deputy director of the league's energy bureau, Xiliin Gol has taken the lead nationwide in introducing the "wind and fire power benefit sharing mechanism," not only resolving the contradiction between coal-fired power and new energy in competing for electricity generation and the losses incurred by coal-fired power during peak load regulation, but also achieving "dual income growth" for wind and fire power enterprises.

This has paved a new path for deepening the reform of the market-oriented power trading system nationwide and accelerating the construction of a new type of power system.

Since the introduction of the "wind and fire power benefit sharing mechanism," a total of 3.98 billion kWh of electricity has been traded, resulting in an additional income of 244 million yuan for thermal power companies.

New energy companies have increased the supply of green electricity by approximately 2.6 billion kWh, leading to an additional income of about 1.22 billion yuan.