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Ulaanqab approved to establish China-Europe Railway Express hub

2024-01-22 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Government recently approved an implementation plan to construct the Ulaanqab China-Europe Railway Express Central Hub, which requires Ulaanqab city to build a sound China-Europe Railway Express brand.

According to the plan, Ulaanqab is expected to become a central hub for the China-Europe Railway Express by 2030, with an annual number of international trains exceeding 1,000. This will make the city an essential component of the China-Europe Railway Express’ national hub network and a key strategic support point for opening-up towards the north.

It will also become an important regional economic growth pole for the integrated development of Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, and Ulaanqab.

Located in the central part of Inner Mongolia, Ulaanqab was successfully selected as part of the first batch of national logistics hubs and is the only non-provincial capital city in China to be a node for the China-Europe Railway Express.

Data shows that since the first China-Europe Railway Express was launched in 2016 in Ulaanqab, the city has seen a total of 727 inbound and outbound trains. A cumulative value of the goods of these trains has reached $13.85 billion.

Currently, Ulaanqab has nurtured 21 China-Europe Railway Express routes, with eight routes in regular operation and passing through eight countries and 18 cities. This has formed a stable international logistics channel that serves Central Europe and Central Asia.