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Inner Mongolia takes lead in energy development

2024-01-25 (

Significant progress has been made to transform North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region into a crucial national energy and strategic resource base.

In 2023, the region's cumulative grid-connected scale of wind and photovoltaic power reached 92.6 GW, accounting for 45 percent of the region's total installed electricity capacity and contributing an annual addition of 31.28 GW.

This achievement secured Inner Mongolia's position as a national leader in annual new installations, cumulative installations, and power generation related to the wind and photovoltaic energy sectors.

Inner Mongolia viewed the development of new energy, especially the construction of large-scale wind and photovoltaic bases in the deserts, as a significant opportunity for restructuring and revitalizing the region's economic landscape.

Four large-scale wind and photovoltaic base projects, including those in the northern and southern parts of Kubuqi, Ulan Buh, and Tengger deserts, have been approved. Their total energy capacity reaches 48 million kW, accounting for 43 percent of the national total capacity.

With a planned total investment exceeding 400 million yuan ($54.8 million), once fully operational, Inner Mongolia's electricity transmission capacity is set to exceed 100 million kWh, which will cement its leading position in the country.