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Deputies share duty performances at Inner Mongolia People's Congress

2024-01-31 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)


Deputy Wang Xiaohuan introduces the practical explorations of promoting Arxan as a travel destination. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

The second session of the 14th Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional People's Congress opened a media interview channel for deputies on the evening of Jan 30.

Seven deputies, including Wang Xiaohuan, Cui Jianguo, Jiang Yingli and Liu Rui, partook in media interviews and told stories of how they performed their duties.

"We would like to invite everyone to visit Hinggan League. We will wholeheartedly provide you with excellent service," expressed Wang Xiaohuan, a deputy to the 14th Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional People's Congress and mayor of Arxan city.

Wang sincerely introduced the practical explorations of promoting Arxan as a location with "tourism advantages", "openness advantages", and "location advantages".

"We will further improve the area's transportation network system, accelerate our opening-up efforts towards the north, and enhance the quality and efficiency of our tourism sector," remarked Wang.

Focusing on how to leverage the role of the "two rare earth bases," Cui Jianguo, the chief technical expert of Baogang Group, shared how he and his team undertook a six-year project that involved systematic research and on-site practice.

"Through repeated adjustments of plans, process optimization, continuous self-denial, and innovation, we ultimately created a comprehensive recycling system for rare earth, fluorine, phosphorus, and thorium resources, thus reducing radioactive waste by over 90 percent,” stated Cui.

"We have fully utilized tail gas and wastewater for resource recycling, further consolidating China's leading position in the international field of rare earth smelting and separation," proudly stated Cui.

"Safety in production is crucial for the safety of employees' lives and the steady development of the company," emphasized Jiang Yingli, the chairman of National Energy Group Coal Coking Co.

He mentioned that the company firmly upholds the "safety first, life foremost" development concept. Currently, among the company's 18 production units, 13 have maintained a safety production period of over 10 years.

"Ulaanqab city possesses a favorable business environment and unique location advantages, along with abundant resource advantages. In such a favorable environment, we must expedite our development, continuously introduce a variety of products, and provide consumers with a good impression of Inner Mongolia," remarked Liu Rui, chairman of Inner Mongolia Tianmu Dairy Co.