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Inner Mongolia hosts agricultural, livestock product promotion

2024-02-27 (


An activity promoting Inner Mongolia's agricultural and livestock products is held during the Lantern Festival. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

During the traditional Lantern Festival, Feb 24, the Inner Mongolia Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry held a promotional event at the Hulunbuir Product Center to showcase its top-notch agricultural and livestock products.

More than 30 journalists from various provinces and municipalities, as well as staff members from the Hulunbuir Organizing Committee of the 14th National Winter Games, gathered to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

Amidst the thrilling competitions, the attendees savored Inner Mongolian delicacies and indulged in its finest products.

At the event, the air was filled with the rich aroma of dairy products, dried beef, lamb chops, pan-seared steaks, and Hinggan League rice.


Guests learn about Inner Mongolia's agricultural and livestock products at the activity. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

Han Jian'gang, an official from the Inner Mongolia Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, expressed that in recent years, Inner Mongolia has been comprehensively implementing a strategy to strengthen its agricultural brand.

It has been building a long-term mechanism for the brand construction of agricultural and livestock products. Marketing and promotion channels are taking shape, and brand awareness continues to expand, with brand benefits becoming increasingly prominent.

In 2024, Inner Mongolia will make every effort to strengthen the "Mongolian Character - Superior Products of the Great Grasslands" brand, and it will carry out a series of marketing activities. It will enhance the catalog of agricultural and animal husbandry brands in Inner Mongolia, focusing on strengthening 30 high-quality regional brands and 150 enterprise product brands.


Meat is prepared and served to guests during the Lantern Festival. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]