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New measures implemented to support Inner Mongolia's high-quality development

2024-02-27 (goinnermongolia.com.cn)

Recently, the Ministry of Natural Resources issued the "Opinions on Supporting Inner Mongolia to Leverage Resource Advantages and Promote High-Quality Development".

The "opinions" encompass 20 specific measures in eight aspects, including supporting the reform and improvement of the balance between occupation and compensation of arable land, strengthening land guarantees for mining and power transmission projects, and ensuring reasonable land needs for energy and chemical industrial parks.

They also include the development of pilot projects for basic geological surveys, intensifying the exploration and development of strategic mineral resources, promoting the construction of green mines, encouraging the comprehensive development and utilization of coal-associated resources, and enhancing the ecological protection and restoration of key areas.

These measures are detailed and implemented from the perspectives of policies, projects, and funds, which effectively promotes Inner Mongolia's transformation of resource advantages into economic development strengths.

An official from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Natural Resources Department explained that the issuance of these "opinions" will play a positive role in comprehensively enhancing the region's natural resource security capabilities, thus facilitating the successful management of two major tasks in Inner Mongolia.