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Inner Mongolia issues development plan for natural protected areas

2024-03-21 (

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently issued the "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development Plan for Protected Natural Areas (2024-2035)."

The plan outlines 16 tasks across four areas, including system construction, natural resource protection and restoration, capacity enhancement, and collaborative development for residents.

It aims to increase the proportion of natural protected areas to over 12.5 percent of the region's land area by 2035, establishing a national model system characterized by high-level protection, quality construction, and extensive sharing.

Inner Mongolia boasts a vast territory, abundant resources, and diverse natural landscapes such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, rivers, lakes, and deserts. It is the largest and most diverse ecological area in northern China.

To date, the region has established 289 natural protected areas, covering a total area of 14.37 million hectares, including six different types, such as nature reserves and scenic spots.

According to a representative from the region’s forestry and grassland bureau, the plan introduces a pioneering model for developing a natural protected area system based on core values and conservation targets.

By analyzing the spatial distribution of certain natural ecosystems, rare and endangered plant and animal species, natural relics, and scenic resources, the plan formulates evaluation methods and identifies key areas for protection.