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Inner Mongolia to implement over 960 manufacturing projects this year

2024-03-22 (

In a bid to propel the high-end, intelligent, and eco-friendly development of its manufacturing industry, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has set its sights on implementing over 960 manufacturing projects throughout the year, with a planned total investment completion of 350 billion yuan ($47.95 billion).

To realize these objectives, Inner Mongolia will provide a one-time interest subsidy of 30 percent of the loan interest for key industrial chain projects in the manufacturing sector, so long as they have been completed and put into operation and have an investment of no less than 500 million yuan.

Similarly, for manufacturing technology renovation projects that have been completed and put into operation, with an investment of 20 million yuan or more, a one-time subsidy of 20 percent of the equipment investment will be granted.

Furthermore, newly designated national and autonomous regional advanced manufacturing clusters and new industrialization demonstration bases will receive one-time subsidies.

In the realm of intelligent development, cities and leagues that are included in the national pilot project for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as those involved in the autonomous region's pilot project for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry will receive a subsidy of 50 million yuan each.

Additionally, enterprises developing industrial software will receive a subsidy of 20 percent based on their research and development investment.

Regarding eco-friendly development, projects involving energy-saving and water-saving technology renovations will be rewarded based on their achieved energy and water savings.

Similarly, for data center power usage effectiveness (PUE value) that is initially reduced to 1.3, a subsidy of 10 percent of the technological renovation investment will be awarded.

Projects related to the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste and the processing and utilization of waste plastics and waste paper will receive certain subsidies, as will autonomous region-level low-carbon demonstration parks and zero-carbon demonstration parks.

In the domain of innovative development, newly established national and autonomous regional manufacturing innovation centers and industrial design centers, as well as newly recognized regional enterprise technology centers, national technology innovation demonstration enterprises, and national "quality benchmark" enterprises, will receive one-time research and development fund subsidies.

Pharmaceutical varieties that have been newly registered under the classification of new chemical drugs or have passed generic drug consistency evaluations will be granted one-time subsidies.

For the cultivation of market entities, one-time subsidies will be awarded to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises recognized at the autonomous region level, as well as to small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in unique and sophisticated products and "little giant" enterprises.

One-time subsidies will also be provided to enterprises recognized as national or autonomous regional manufacturing champions.

In the arena of industrial park construction, funds will be allocated to provide subsidies for the infrastructure construction of industrial parks with strong overall capabilities, numerous landed projects, and robust industrial carrying capacities.

One-time subsidies will be granted to the top three industrial parks in the comprehensive strength assessment, as well as those excelling in investment attraction, tax contributions and technological innovation.