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Inner Mongolia rare earth vocational skills standard fills industry gap

2024-04-02 (

According to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, China Northern Rare Earth Hi-Tech Group Co has recently compiled and released its first rare earth vocational skills standard.

This standard fills a gap in China's rare earth industry and provides crucial support for the training and evaluation of skilled personnel in rare earth enterprises.

Vocational skills standards are comprehensive assessment regulations for theoretical knowledge and skill levels for industry practitioners, serving as the fundamental basis for vocational education and training, skill level identification, and talent assessment.

In 2023, China Northern Rare Earth Hi-Tech Group Co took the lead in initiating the comprehensive compilation of the rare earth vocational skills standard based on specialized training and vocational surveys.

This standard successfully passed expert review this year and has been officially published.

The standard outlines an overview, basic requirements, and job specifications for 20 types of workers in two occupations: rare earth smelting and rare earth materials production.

It covers occupational definitions, vocational skill levels and identification standards, training requirements, professional ethics and knowledge, as well as assessment criteria for various skill levels.