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Inner Mongolia leads China in new energy installations

2024-04-10 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Construction of a wind and photovoltaic power integration project is underway in Ordos city, Inner Mongolia. [Photo by Wang Xiaobo/Alshaa League Media Center]

Inner Mongolia autonomous region has become the first region in China to surpass 100 million kilowatts in new energy installations, achieved through the completion of the 1-million-kilowatt wind power storage project in Siziwang Banner and the second and third phases of the Three Gorges Ulaanqab green power demonstration project.

Inner Mongolia is leveraging its role as a crucial national energy and strategic resource base. The region is committed to constructing the country's third batch of new energy mega-bases. Additionally, it aims to build four large-scale wind and photovoltaic bases in the Kubuqi Desert and the central and northern parts of Ordos among sandy and barren areas.

Efforts are being accelerated to implement projects integrating desertification control with wind and photovoltaic energy, new energy heating projects and energy technology breakthrough projects. These initiatives aim to expedite transforming and upgrading traditional energy industries, contributing to China's goals of peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.