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Dayantan scenic spot

Updated: 2018-04-09


Dayantan scenic spot (Wild goose beach) [Photo/Baotou.gov.cn]

As a part of Chilechuan scenic spot, Dayantan was rated as a national 4A scenic spot in March 2016.


Dayantan scenic spot [Photo/Baotou.gov.cn]

Dayantan, a scenic area located in Tumd Right Banner, Baotou, covers an area of 5,000 mu (333.33 hectare). With a total investment of 126 million yuan ($ 19.1 million), the scenic area focuses on fruit picking, flowers sightseeing and experiencing farm life. Integrating natural scenic spots, historical cultural relics and specific farming, Dayantan scenic area has been the largest natural oxygen bar in West China.