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    Dried milk cake 奶豆腐


    Dried milk cake is a common dairy food in a Mongolian herdsman's home. It is coagulated and fermented using cow's milk, goat's milk, or horse milk.

  • Kumiss 马奶酒


    Kumiss is a traditional beverage of herdsmen in the Inner Mongolia region and across Asia, where it is drunk in summer, when the heavy fragrance can permeate the vast prairie.

  • Wang Xiaoer Pancake 王小二烧饼


    It's a traditional food in Inner Mongolia.

  • Baotou chatang 包头茶汤


    Baotou chatang is a local delicacy usually sold on streets in Baotou city. It originated during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and was introduced to Baotou from Beijing and Tianjin.

  • Baotou shumai 包头烧麦


    Shumai, also known as Shaomai, is a kind of traditional Chinese dumpling, which originated from Inner Mongolia autonomous region in the latter years of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Shumai has since been introduced to all provinces and regions in China.

  • Mongolian milk tea, or Suutei Tsai 蒙古奶茶


    Mongolian milk tea, also known as Suutei Tsai, is a traditional Mongolian hot drink.

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    Roast whole lamb 烤全羊


    Roast whole lamb is a traditional Inner Mongolian dish, originating from the nomadic peoples of Northwest China.

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    Millet stir-fried in butter 炒米


    Hohhot's food lovers say that millet stir-fried in butter means Mongolian millet.

  • Little Lamb hot pot restaurant


    The Little Lamb hot pot restaurant is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Little Lamb Animal Husbandry Technology Co Ltd. Located at No 77, Wenhua Road, Qingshan district, Baotou