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Kumiss 马奶酒

Updated: 2020-08-17

Kumiss is a traditional beverage of herdsmen in the Inner Mongolia region and across Asia, where it is drunk in summer, when the heavy fragrance can permeate the vast prairie. Whether it's meeting with neighbors, celebrating a wedding or festival, or just having fun with friends, kumiss is just the thing People can hardly avoid being intoxicated by it.

Herdsmen on the prairie have drunk kumiss for generations and there are many customs related to it. There are accounts of Emperor Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) using it to reward an official as he got drunk at a royal banquet. So, herdsmen use it to show their respect and hospitality.

Kumiss is a cool, refreshing drink, only about 1.5 - 3 percent alcohol, so it does not hurt the spleen or stomach, and is considered good for general health and blood circulation and the kidneys, and for relieving muscle tension.