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  • Visitors take in Great Wall culture in Baotou


    The Guyang Qin Great Wall National Cultural Park in Baotou city officially opened on May 1, attracting crowds of travelers and history enthusiasts.

  • Baotou adds 10 private museums


    A total of 10 private museums in Baotou city were officially unveiled on April 23, adding new splendor to the city's cultural landscape.

  • Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area opens cherry blossom festival


    The Baotou Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area's first cherry blossom festival opened on April 4, and will run until April 30.

  • 5 attractions in Baotou to waive admission fees for visitors


    Among them, there are five attractions in Baotou, namely the Saikhantal Urban Grassland Scenic Area, the Yellow River Ballad Culture Scenic Area, the Xiaozhaozi Folk Culture Scenic Area, the Shihua Grassland Scenic Area, and the Wonderful Grassland Sisters Story Exhibition Hall.

  • Baotou scenic areas offer discounts for female visitors


    March 8 is International Women's Day, and several scenic areas in Baotou, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, are offering discounts for women in celebration.

  • Baotou city's grassland on national list


    Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced its third batch of national-level culture and tourism consumption clusters at nighttime – including the Saikhantal Urban Grassland in Baotou city.

  • Winter joy arrives as Yellow River's Baotou section freezes


    As winter tightens its grip, the Baotou section of the Yellow River – alongside the city of Baotou in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – has succumbed to the frigid temperatures, transforming into a mesmerizing icy spectacle.

  • Baotou section of Yellow River transformed by ice floes


    Recently, the full stretch of the Baotou section of the Yellow River experienced the formation of ice floes as the cold climate grips the region.

  • Baotou Yellow River National Cultural Park


    The Baotou Yellow River National Cultural Park covers an area of 52,842 square meters based on a total investment of 135 million yuan ($18.53 million). It features cultural plazas, a visitor center, a museum, and an observation tower, among other facilities.

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